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wat ?

Its OK.

Sometimes I wasn't sure what's happening on the screen.

Did you made this in paint ? ( just asking )

FlowJoe responds:

only the beginning

I don't really know what to write about this.

It was probably most stupid thing that I saw here.

" Madness day 07 ? "

thetoolbox responds:

Well, there are some worst flashes out there. But there are also flashes that is 100% better than this.

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This game really hurts my eyes for some reason. And the music... just no.

Wow, this game really feels like you are playing gameboy game. Good job.

Addictive and well made. But, is it some kind of a earthquake ? Why the screen have to shake so hard. And yeah, don't pick up red orb.

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When I was hearing to this, my computer started to burn, and dog came into my room. His eyes turned red and he started to sing "Yellow Submarine" backwards. Then the blood appeared on the walls. Don't listen to this I BEG YOU.

Nice. Maybe not so fast or loud. But ok.

highdrake responds:

Wut? Sorry, I don't understand.

Hey it was nice! The ending was a little chaotic. But I like it at all. Keep experimenting !

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Hey its batman ! He.. hey ... wha ... what... WHAT THE HELL ?

deathink responds:

That is what I said the whole time drawling this.

Like one man said to me one day : impressive !

My eyes... I think they have orgasm now.

I'm just a random guy who like testing the work of creative people here. Good luck all of you in making this site better and better.

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Yes :D

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